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Hotline: 090 380 4548
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Máy Hút Mùi RVCH336SS
Máy Hút Mùi RVCH336SS
Máy Hút Mùi RVCH336SS
Máy Hút Mùi RVCH336SS
Máy Hút Mùi RVCH336SS
Máy Hút Mùi RVCH336SS
Máy Hút Mùi RVCH336SS
Features and Functions
  • 460 CFM interior-power ventilator ships standard.
  • Variable-speed control for custom venting.
  • Halogen lights for better visibility and efficiency.
  • Dimmer on lights allows custom lighting - separate on/off switch allows consumer to leave dimmer in favorite position.
  • Heat sensor turns ventilator on full power when cooking temperatures reach uncomfortable levels.
  • Delay feature allows consumer to set the ventilator to shut off on its own from 10 to 30 minutes later.
  • Recirculating kit with air-purifying charcoal filters available and sold separately if exterior ducting is not desirable.
  • Specifications ideal for replacement of older, traditional-style hoods with minimal cabinet alteration.
  • Adjustable duct cover comes standard with product.
Easy Cleanup
  • Mesh filters made entirely of stainless steel for durability and long life.
  • Efficiently remove grease and heated vapors from the air.
  • Dishwasher-safe filters are easily removed for quick cleaning.
  • Design of low-profile filter system means less interior hood space to be cleaned.
  • Interior of rangehood canopy has stainless steel liner for increased rigidity, seamless appearance, and easy cleaning.

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Hotline 090 380 4548
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Hà nội: 090 380 4548

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