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Xuất xứ: CR0268L1 A50EM

Praise of natural beauty
Unique tiling featuring an amazing variety of graphics, where the elegance lies in the detail. ‘Cross-cut’ embodies the close link between the interpretation of natural stone and contemporary style.
A silent dialogue between contemporary style and the beauty of natural stone: cross cut uses the finest materials to add an elegant touch to your décor project.
A variety of decorative surface solutions created from a thoughtful combination of design and technology. A unique collection specialy designed to withstand wear and tear while adding a touch of sophistication to your décor.
Cross cut items, produced in an emas certicated plant with low environemntal impact, fully qualify for obtaining points for leed green building certification.
Décor elements that create a suggestive atmosphere: natural stone with a modern twist to enhance the elegance of your interior.