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Xuất xứ: BS0549 P A49E

Surfaces inspired by natural stone
Blend Stone is available in five colours and four sizes, to personalise the home with the guaranteed results of a sophisticated product. Perfect for residential interiors and exteriors, Blend Stone gives full expression to every room or area’s personality, creating a unique dialogue between ceramic covering and furnishings.
 Naturally elegant effects
Blend Stone offers retail locations the convenience of a product with unmistakable style. Its surfaces are ideal for installation in stores and other premises open to the public.
With its infinite variety, Blend Stone combines attractively with all materials, establishing a rich, constantly fresh stylistic exchange with each: rooms are filled with warmth and architecture acquires personality. Blend Stone’s many surface patterns, available for every colour, bring it even closer to the variety of natural stones. Its durability, achieved through state-of-the-art technology, extends its potential uses.
The size shows all the material’s beauty to optimal effect in the conventional plank laying pattern: the natural surface is attractively genuine