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Xuất xứ: LD05L5A D507

Steppa Matte LD05L5 D507 | Steppa shabby LD05L5A D507
The ultimate in warmth, genuineness and time-worn beauty. The best of the wood-look in porcelain stoneware.
The three surface finishes in the range have been designed down to the tiniest detail for an absolutely natural, genuine feel.
Natural: so good to touch and walk over even with bare feet, this is a universal satined, velvety, elegant finish.
Shabby: the anti-slip surface that shows the unmistakable marks of hand-sawn parquet planks.
Patchwork: reproduces a random composition of different types of wood, completely concealing the 45x90 tile size.
ListoneD is in porcelain stoneware, the most high-performing covering in sustainable modern building: it withstands frost, damp, weather and wear. Its characteristics make it excellent for outdoor and indoor use, anywhere in the home and in even heavily used public buildings. The planks’ warm, natural mixture of colours features different vein patterns and shades. The variation is carefully chosen for the most attractive effect, with no defects or blemishes. ListoneD is also ideal for installation on walls.
 The Perfect Size
The size shows all the material’s beauty to optimal effect in the conventional plank laying pattern: the natural surface is attractively genuine
The very striking 45x90 Patchwork module creates the effect of a laying pattern using a mixture of blocks: it can be used on floors or for covering indoor and outdoor walls. The elements’ lack of repetition gives a really genuine effect, brought to the highest levels through careful arrangement of the modules during installation